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ball Name Akiko C. Ikeda
ball Born in Kyoto, Japan
ball History ball 6 years oldAugust, moved from Kyoto to Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A. with my parents who worked as researchers in Princeton University.
ball 8 years old Moved to Munich, Germany, accompanying my parents.
ball 9 years old Moved again, to England. Stayed in a small town near Oxford called Abingdon.
ball 10 years old Again to Princeton. Skipped to the 6th grade.
ball 11 years old Came back to Japan. Though I was already in the 7th grade in America, the Japanese law returned me back to the 5th grade, "where an 11-year-old child is supposed to be." Studied in Kyoto till I graduated high school.
ball University Entered university in Tokyo. Majored in Philosophy. My center of interest was "time."
ball Career Employed in an electronic manufacturer.
ball Marriage Married Masaaki Ikeda shortly after graduation from university.
ball Freelance

After 4 years of employment, became an independent freelance translator, mainly translating technical documents. My work included computer software & hardware, industrial machinery, industrial robots, machine tools, etc.
Later, I widened my field, and started translating, interpreting, or rewriting translations for the National Geographics, Fortune, etc. Picture books were also published.
Other works include interviewing, video translation, conference interpretation.
As a writer, I have intervied many celebrities, and written essays or lirics.

ball Family One husband and two girls
ball Home Hachioji, Tokyo
ball Profession Freelance translator, freelance writer
ball Computer My first personal computer was a CPM machine. As the trend shifted to the MSDOS, I obtained the NEC 98 series, which remained my favorite for 10 years. I also introduced Machintosh to study DTP. My current main machine is DOS/V machine with Windows. I have 3 Windows machines connected via LAN.
ballCommunication My first computer communication happened 10 years ago, to send and receive translation files. At that time, it was hard to imagine that the internet will become so popular.
ball Interest Wide range of interest.
Curiosity killed the cat!
ball Reading Any book. My favorite is fiction.
ball Music Mainly classical music. Plays some piano and guitar.
ball Cooking Loves cooking things like bacon, ham, butter, that people usualy buy.
ball Sports
Retired from tennis after a terrible twist of the ankle. Swimming, aerobics, ice skating.
ball Tenkoku An art of engraving stones to make seals.
ball Astronomy Loves watching the skies.
ball Trouble maker & Troubleshooter Excellent performance in making and solving trouble.
Aromatherapy Has an extremely keen nose.
ball International Cooperation Activity
Established an NGO, 21st Century Association in 1990, to send scholarship to the children in the Philippines, or help the agricultural community with agricultural assistance. There is no such thing as individual happiness. If you want to become happy, you have to make all others happy too. The globe can no more afford to support selfish people. I am very much aware that I cannot make everyone happy, but I believe that my contribution is a small step toward a world where no one suffers of hunger and unhappiness. I do wish the Japanese, in their affluence, to know that half of the world is still suffering from hunger.


1998.3.1 Akiko Ikeda